Meet Our Online Personal Trainer

One of the online personal trainers whose part-time services we offer here at the online pharmacy is from Phoenix. His name is James, and he is 40 years old. Ever since he was a little boy, James loved the sport, and physical activity was part of his everyday life. After leaving his professional boxing career, he decided to commit his life to training other people and changing their lifestyles for the better. He enjoys working with people and offering them his help and advice on various topics regarding fitness and health.

James is specialized in lifestyle and body transformation, nutritional changes and changing bad habits. Also, he holds multiple certifications in personal training, sports, and fitness nutrition. He will teach you how to engage in well-balanced diet and how to exercise correctly without hurting yourself. His services within online pharmacy include designing an online workout program and a nutrition program to best suit your needs. His workout programs include basic cardio exercises, body weight, and weight lifting exercises. Healthy diet programs include a personal nutrition program with some advice on diet supplements that will boost your energy and control or lose your weight.

His working experience involves working with young children as well as working with adults. Aside from being one of the best in putting up efficient workout and nutrition programs, our online personal trainer is also good at giving support and motivating his clients to give their best and never to give up. He holds a degree in psychology which helps him understand his client’s struggles and doubts and can offer you an abundance of helpful and useful advice and motivate you successfully on your journey towards becoming fit and slim.

Meet James At His Personal Gym

James also has his personal gym where he works with his clients on a regular basis. He has trained a lot of famous actors and actresses and made their careers much easier by improving their physical appearance. He likes to spend his free time riding a bike or hiking in the mountains with his dog and strives to be physically active in his free time, too.