3 powerful exercises to control your diabetes

To many people diabetes is a curse. It hampers our daily lives and it becomes very difficult to live. Slowly, all your organs start ot disfunction and you lose the charm in life. But if you can control diabetes then you can lead an absolutely normal and healthy life.

The first rule of a diabetic patient is to maintain healthy diet. You should minimize the intake of sugar and starch in your diet. Even when eating fruits you should choose fruits that are not sweet. You should try to avoid oil and eat fresh and raw whenever possible. Another thing that is vital for a diabetic patient is exercise. You must exercise regularly. If you miss exercising one day, your sugar level will increase. Here are the most powerful exercises that will keep your sugar level at check.


You can take stroll along the park every morning for 30 minutes and enjoy the fresh air. Even if it’s not possible to go outside, you can buy a treadmill and walk on it every day. Walking will help to burn calories and will keep your sugar level low.


Stress is one of the reasons why sugar level increases. Yoga helps to calm down your mind and relieve you from stress. At the same time, it is a good exercise to burn fats. It also improves the funciton of nerves. It provides flexibility, balance and strength. Yoga is extremely good for diabetes.


Swimming helps to stretch and relax the muscles. It’s a total body workout. This form of exercise doesn’t exert any pressure on the joints making it ideal for diabetic patients. If you swim three times a week your cholesterol level will decrease.

Before doing any exercise you need to do a five-minute warm up session. You should consult your doctor before choosing the type of exercise you want to do. You must check your blood sugar level before starting an exercise. Your blood sugar must be below 250mg/dl, otherwise it may be harmful for your health.

You should take your medication or insulin on time and eat at the right time everyday. By maintaing healthy and timely diet, and exercising regularly your sugar level will always be at the recommended level. You should check your sugar level regularly to make sure that it’s under check. Diabetes can be life threatening if not controlled properly. So, doing exercise is vital for your health and wellbeing.