Control your Diabetes with These 3 Powerful Exercises

The change in our lifestyles and sedentary living has led an open path for different diseases and illnesses. The most common of these conditions is diabetes, which affects more than half of the population of the world, today. No doubt, there are many root causes of diabetes, but foul lifestyles being the major one, have made diabetes powerful in this era. Diabetes is known to be a silent killer that is counted to be the 7th major cause of death in America.

The link between the sedentary lifestyle and diabetes is backed up by tons of scientific studies that suggests that lack of physical activity and obesity are the major contributors of diabetes. In this scenario, there is dearth need of adding physical activity to our daily routine, in order to escape from its consequences and to manage its risks.

Taking this together, we have compiled a list of 3 most powerful exercises that can help manage and prevent diabetes in diabetic patients and pre-diabetics as well.


Powerful Exercises for Diabetics:

A great number of studies have revealed that adding the physical activity to our daily routine can reduce the odds of diabetes to various folds. This scientific research is backed up by the research that physical activity can help boost the energy levels in the body, increase the insulin action and helps the body to keep glucose levels in check. So here are the great exercises that you can try at home to maintain your blood glucose levels:


No need of equipment, no need to hire a personal trainer! The walk is perhaps the best physical activity for all the diabetics looking to reduce their glucose levels. Not only for the people with diabetes but for all the people looking to reduce their weight, it is the best option they can avail. So, add a brisk walk to your routine that is known to increase the heart rate, and therefore, found to be the best exercise for people having diabetes mellitus.

Pro Tip: Add 150 minutes of walk a week, at least, for a diabetes patient, to keep blood glucose levels in moderation.

Weight Training

Not only for the patients of diabetes but all, the benefits of weight training are known for centuries. Weight training help to reduce the fat percentage from the body by building the muscle mass, that is extremely important for diabetics to maintain their blood sugar levels. So weight training can help to reduce weight that ultimately can reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Pro Tip: Include a session of weight training each day and each session with 5 to 8 different types of lifting to increase strength.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is probably the best workout one would recommend for diabetics. It is known to reduce the stress levels, providing fitness, improving balance and strengthening nerves, that ultimately leads to good health and reduced chances of the severity of diabetes.

Pro Tip: It is recommended to add Tai Chi at least once a week for diabetics.

Add these exercises to your daily routine to manage and control your diabetes. But it is recommended, to begin with smaller sessions to gradually larger for increased stamina and endurance.