Our Full-Time Online Professional Trainer

One of our full-time online professional trainers is from Arizona. His name is Chandler, and he is 35 years old. Chandler finished both elementary and high school education in Arizona. He was an active football player in high school for four years.

After graduation, he decided to take his passion for sports and healthy lifestyle to another level. As he was always passionate about fitness, this was a great opportunity to turn what he loved into a full-time career. What he most likes about his job as an online personal trainer is the chance to do what he loves which is helping people reach their fitness goals and feel good about themselves.

Chandler dedicated all his free time to studying and acquiring knowledge about fitness and healthy diet. He works with a variety of clients of all age and uses his experience and knowledge to change their lives for the better. Chandler always tries to practice what he preaches and tries hard to stay fit and active. It is the main reason why he is popular among so many clients.

Training and Nutrition Programs

Chandler holds various certifications and degrees in personal training and fitness nutrition. What he offers to his clients are efficiency, viable body and mind transformation and constant motivation. He will design an online workout program that is best for you and your overall health. Whether you want to lose weight or just stay fit, he will offer you a nutrition program which suits your needs and aspirations. Chandler puts all his efforts into remaining a truly excellent trainer and being engaged in the training process physically, emotionally and mentally. He strives to put together a combination of different training methods, individualized training programs, and challenging but easy achievable goals.

The main principle of his workout and fitness programs is a well-balanced diet. Spending a couple of hours a day in a gym or outdoors working out is not enough. If you don’t change bad eating habits, all of your efforts will go down the drain eventually. Chandler will combine his specially designed programs with nutrition supplements to increase the daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. His workout programs are comprised of cardiovascular exercises, body weight exercises, and weight lifting exercises. He also includes yoga in his training to achieve a full body and mind training that will do you a world of good.